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Forum rules

FAQ - The forum rules

Postby Anorak on Sun Feb 10, 2008 3:41 pm

This is a general Frequently Asked Questions/Forum Rules list. I'm not big on rules and regulations, preferring to let things flow, but we'll keep these few in mind. If you have any questions you'd like to see added then please let me know.

What is "The Anorak Zone"?
The Anorak Zone is a collection of cult tv sites that resides at
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. The forum itself is an offshoot of the main site for individuals to discuss the programmes featured, and more.

Are there any forum guidelines as regards to views, opinions, etc.?
No. This is a discussion forum for individuals, where friendly, healthy debate is the order of the day. Your views are your own, there is no forum "consensus" on any topic, and all views are encouraged, providing they're within the conduct guidelines (see below). The forum only represents the people who post here, so if you feel your views aren't being represented, then by all means... speak up.

Are there any conduct guidelines?
Respect your fellow users. Playful "roughhousing" is fine, but there's a line between banter and bullying that should not be crossed. If discussions with other members cross from good-natured ribbing and into personal digs and genuine hostility you will be asked to refrain from doing so.
Also, please try and refrain from adult topics - or mark threads "Adults Only" if such themes are going to arise.
Finally, this forum does not tolerate racist or homophobic discussion.

There's some censoring of expression though, right?
The Anorak Zone forums are for everyone, but there's a worrying amount of twee expressions out there on the web that are placed in the autocensor here: the most notable being that abhorent "squeeeeeee" thing. If you want to "squeeee" then you'll really have to find somewhere else to do THAT.

But it's naughty, right? I see rude stuff sometimes.
I like to think of the place as being like a bar... not a rough bar, a nice pleasant bar, a friendly bar. But a bar all the same, which is why the General Discussion area is called "The Anorak Arms". It's a friendly pub and there's never any fighting, but 90% of the posters here are posting while completely paraletic and joking about things they'd joke about with their mates in real life. There's no harm intended with any of it, even if it can get rowdy in a good way.

What about the Arcade? Can I play in that?
Sure. Though in order to encourage lurkers to join in, the Arcade (above right) is set so that you need a minimum of 30 posts before you can enter.
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